Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Prayer

I usually send my spoken word pieces to the Anani Speaks blog but today, I'll make an exception. Enjoy
Father, my father, dear father, I pray
Save me from the pain I am feeling this day
The world is crazy, we've all gone astray
With sins too numerous and debts we must pay

Father, my father, dear father, I ask
For your grace and mercy to carry out this task
I am desperate and longing to pull of this mask,
So in your presence and glory I'll bask

Father, my father, dear father please show
Your love, your grace, your mercy that flows
We promise we'll change, we'll let your light glow
We're picking our pace, we aint moving slow

On our knees with heads bowed, we offer this prayer
With our hearts to the heavens, we ask you our Maker,
Accept out offering, please hear our cry
Father, our father, dear father, our Lord

Have an awesome week ahead

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  1. *sigh*

    Brought a tear to my eye. I'm at a crossroads in my life and this post, this prayer verbalises every emotion in my soul.

    It also reminds me a whole lot about the Jos crisis.

    God bless you for sharing.

  2. Oh my!!! I am lost for words to describe how this make me it comes from the very depths of a sincere, so real, so touching...may our prayer answering God hear this prayer...

  3. Loved the flow of the first three verses.

    Would love to hear you read it tho... perhaps one day...

    Thank you for sharing.
    via @photograbber


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