Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Discussion: Facebook or Twitter

Hey guys,
It has been a long time since the last random discussion on this blog and now we will be talking about the two of the biggest social networks now: Facebook and Twitter. There has been the debate which network will survive and not go out of style like Hi5 and Myspace did. Ever since Twitter became popular in Nigeria, most individuals have moved from Facebook to Twitter and the increasing popularity of smartphones in the country has boosted the popularity of the latter social network

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These social media are clearly on the top of their game and looking closely are alike in some ways. Still, can we say one is better than the other or that one will soon be history while one will remain strong and popular. Matthew Ingram, in his post titled "Facebook vs. Twitter: An Infographic" in presented a few findings

Here are a few of the key findings represented in the infographic, which was based on data from a Barracuda Networks survey as well as an analysis from Razorfish and other demographic breakdowns from a number of sources (although the data on Twitter in particular is a little old — the service now has 190 million users).
  • 88 percent of people are aware of Facebook, while 87 percent are aware of Twitter
  • 12 percent of Facebook users update their status every day vs. 52 percent for Twitter
  • males make up 46 percent of Facebook users, and 48 percent of Twitter
  • 30 percent access Facebook via mobile vs. 37 percent for Twitter
  • 40 percent follow a brand on Facebook vs. 25 percent on Twitter
  • 70 percent of Facebook users are outside the U.S. vs. 60 percent for Twitter

In the words of Colette Martin "Twitter and Facebook are both good at what they do. Twitter is like Times Square on New Year’s Eve – noisy and open to all. Facebook is more like a party invitation with an RSVP. Where would you rather go?"

Lets discuss away


  1. they are 2 different things... seems like the same ...
    i used both..but for swiftness..i'll go twitter...and besides...
    Google uses twitter feeds for its real time search results

  2. Facebook is more personal....while twitter to me is random! Im friends with 90% of people I dont even know!lol. Twitter is more fun tho. Facebook is mainly used for catching up on whats going on with friends

  3. I like Facebook more, Twitter is too public and fast for me abeg. Good stats there..

  4. interesting facts.

    i like both for different reasons.

    hope you've been fine.

  5. I prefer Facebook, I am more on facebook than twitter n I think fb informs n connects me more than twitter does.

    I'ld pick the party invitation with an RSVP :)

    First time here-


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