Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Overview of the YadaMag Awards. Winners and Happy Anniversary Yada...

First... I AM SORRY!!!!!

This post and the winners list was supposed to be announced earlier but there were lots of challenges but we are thankful that finally.... It is here. This is our very first online awards thing so we are pretty excited about it. The list of winners have been uploaded here and I am here to further explain the results.
The first category was Choice Artist of the Year and TY Bello won, scoring 44% of total votes cast. The amazing Lara George followed closely behind with 19%. The next category was The next big thing. This particular award was aimed at new artists who are going to blow very soon. Onos won this category by scoring 45% of the total votes cast, followed closely by K'ore who scored 23% of the votes cast.
When I saw the result for the category "Choice author of the year", I couldn't say a word. I most definitely wasn't expecting a tie but we had it.  Chimamanda and Myne scored 33% each in the total number of votes cast. I actually considered starting another poll to break the tie but then I realized it was not necessary. Following them closely behind with 19% was Abidemi Sanusi.

The 4th category was choice blog of the year. Bella Naija won with 37% of votes cast followed closely by Light her Lamp with 29% of the total votes cast. Jaycee, the founder of the Light her Lamp blog won the 5th category which was Choice Online Personality of the Year with 24% of total votes cast followed by Myne Whitman who scored 22% and T. Notes scoring 18% placing as third.

Our Interviews section seems to be the Yada section that rocks as 37% of voters voted for it. It was followed closely by the Its a guy thing column, run by the awesome Rotimi Ariwoola scoring 18% and our Spiritual diet section scoring 14%. To see some of the interviews, click on the interview sections and read our interviews with Adebayo Jones, Je'kob Washington, Onos amongst others.

In our foreign section, Je'kob Washington was the Choice artist of the year with 28% followed closely by Lecrae with 22%. Max Lucado is the choice author of the year with 42% followed by Ted Dekker with 23%. Desiring God was the Choice Blog of the Year with 38%, followed by Think International with 21% while Jabez, a friend of the Nigerian blogville community scored 44% of total votes cast followed by Andrea Lucado who scored 29 % of votes cast.

It was a fun experience and I am really excited and happy for everyone award. Thanks for the support guys and you just never know, our live awards ceremony may come sooner than you think.

Finally, I am wishing Yada Magazine an awesome 2nd year Anniversary. It has not been an  easy ride but God has been with us all through. 

Have an awesome week



  1. Thanks for the opportunity and congrats on the successful awards. Happy anniversary! Yada is definitely going places.

  2. Oh Dang!!!I knew i shoulda rigged those votes-gidi style!!!!Lol!!Thanx again for the recognition,and yes,Yada's going places!!!


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