Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fall at His feet...

Are you depressed, in pain and can't seem to find your way through the darkness?
Fall at His feet.

Are you lost in the troubles of yesterday and you are wondering if there is a tomorrow for you?
Fall at His feet.

Do you wonder about what could have been and are you constantly bothered with what you could have done?
Fall at His feet.

Do you look at your life and worry that you have not actually being living for Him?
Fall at His feet

Are you desperate for Jesus Christ?
Fall at His feet.

And I will fall at Your feet, I will fall at Your feet, and I will worship You here. Freely You gave it all for us, surrendered Your life, upon that cross, great is Your love, poured out for us, this is our God. Lifted on high from death to life, forever our God is glorified, Servant and King, who rescued the world, this is our God
(This is Our God, from the This is Our God album by Hillsong, 2008. Words and Music by Reuben Morgan)

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  1. In our present age, its sad to know that we are looking for empty things to fill the void in us which only Christ can fill and satisfy. hmmm...Falling at His feet and laying all aside and not try to do His work for Him.

    Thanks for the reminder Harry.

  2. *deep sigh* bless your heart dear


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