Monday, September 19, 2011

That's what you will do when you love someone

Sometimes you may wonder and ask, why do I bother? How can I feel something this deep for someone? It even hurts when the person you care so much for doesn't feel the same way for you.

I am not here to get all mushy and all but I want to ask a question... Do we love hoping that the person we are crazy about loves us back or do we love expecting nothing?

Folks, love is a lot of things but I know it is not solely based on butterflies, emotions or fickle feelings. Love is a decision. It is saying that no matter what happens I will be there for this person. Through thick and thin, I'll stand by this person. I will pray with this person when I have too. I don't care if the feelings are not mutual. Thankfully, love is not based on feelings. I will find out how the person is doing. I will be there to tell the person the truth even though the person doesn't want to hear it.

Its time we put aside our mushy feelings and decide to love. Truth is, loving someone could mean letting the person go despite how you "feel" for the person. It means standing aside and praying that maybe one day the person will love you back and that if they don't.... Well, life goes on.

God is teaching me so much about love and one major thing He has taught me is that love is sacrificial. Just as Christ laid down His life for us is the way we should lay down our desires for the ones we love when necessary.

It is hard. It is difficult. Your mouth may say Love is so last year but that's not what your heart is saying. Just keep at it. Do the things you wouldn't do. Go the extra mile. Lay down your desires for the other party. Think of the other person's needs before you think of yours. Be truthful with the person at all times. These are the things you will do when you love someone.

Till my next post

I remain, The Talkaholic

Love Strong

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  1. I go into my relationships KNOWING that they will end by death, cheating, growing apart, falling out of love...and ready and able to let go when the time comes, despite love, for love, in the name of love:)
    I don't believe in forever.
    I don't believe in happily ever after.
    I believe in moments that take my breath away

  2. Love is not easy, but its worth it! I think Francesca Batistelli sang that :)

    Keep loving, Harry :) Your heart will soon find a home. *hugs*

  3. Aww....nice post! Really sweet way to start my day. Loving like God loves, that's a big one! Its been my prayer everyday since I can remember. A "forever" love indeed does exist, that's why love surpasses 'physical' things. God's love is a forever love....and only those who 'decide' to understand it can experience it and share it with the one whom he/she has chosen! That is all....kudos baby! :) Chiwi


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