Friday, September 30, 2011

TV Land Favorites

My previous posts have been very serious so I decided to do something fun. What better way than to point out a few of my favorite things/people on TV.  So let me save you the boring introduction and get right to it.

Favorite TV Parents: Cliff and Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show)

I have seen many parents on TV land and none of them has chemistry like Cliff and Claire. At a time, I actually thought they were actually married in reality. The way they flow with themselves and with the children; it is phenomenal.  I really hope they create a Cosby reunion movie of some sort just to see them together again

Favorite Family Unit: The Huxtables (The Cosby Show)

I love this family because of the love they share for themselves. Again, I have seen many families on TV and some of them don’t even act like they are a family. The Huxtables have this chemistry and genuine love amongst themselves that makes you want to be a part of the family. Love them.

Favorite Little Brother: Luke Dunphy (Modern Family)

 Luke is adorable. From the things he says to the way he acts; he has this charm that I have not seen on television before. I just hope that when he grows older, he does not become another Cory Baxter (We love you Cory but as soon as you grew older, you lost us somewhere).

Favorite Little Sister; Olivia Kendall (The Cosby Show)

The “I’m a Woman” singer is by far the best little sister on TV. Smart, intelligent and very funny, Olivia remains the best addition to the Cosby Show. Whenever I watch reruns of the show, I always look forward to the Olivia moments especially the ones with Mr Cosby.

Favorite Older Brother: Theo Huxtable (The Cosby Show)

Theo was the only boy in the Huxtable household and I can say he is one of the most responsible brothers on television.  He is not rebellious and actually listens to his father when he gives instruction; Theo is the perfect model older brother for anyone.

Favorite Older Sister: Ellie Bartwoski (Chuck)

Ellie is the older sister of Chuck and she practically raised him when their father left. The thing I love about Ellie is how smart, coordinated and caring she is; whilst having the best interest of her brother. Oh, and she is very pretty too

Favorite Best Friends: Georgia and Jo (State of Georgia)

Georgia and Jo are not your average best friends. They are genuine proof that opposites do attract. Even though it is portrayed in the show that Georgia is the bossy one whilst Jo is the one who will do whatever her best friend says; we can see that through all the years they have been friends, Georgia always has Jo’s back no matter what and considers their friendship valuable.

Favorite Couple: Nathan and Haley Scott (One Tree Hill)

In this category, I am tempted to put Lucas and Peyton or Chuck and Sarah or even Haley from Modern Family and her weird boyfriend but in the end; its Nathan and Haley. For the simple fact that Haley makes Nathan a better person is enough reason and the consistent love they have through the years. Love it.

Favorite Federal Agent: Jack Bauer (24)

I do not even think I need to say much. Mr Bauer gets the work done in 24hrs and he does it well. Love him

Favorite Superhero: Wolverine (X-Men Evolution)

Wolverine is the bomb! Let me point here that I have a soft spot for all things Marvel but even in the Marvel universe, Wolverine rocks! His personality is golden. His fighting skills are to die for, literally)

Favorite Villain: The Joker (Batman)

I think we all can agree that he is the villain of all villains. No point saying much.

Favorite Sidekick: Chloe (SmallVille)

I love her!!!!!!!!! She is the kind of sidekick that is not just brains. She has the brains and when it is time to fight she does a good job at it too.

Favorite Hospital: Seattle Grace (Grey’s Anatomy)

If I am ill, please take me to this hospital because I know I am with a set of doctors who will go all the way for me. And I think I would love to witness all the drama that goes on there.

Favorite Doctor: Dr. Bailey

This short black woman is one doctor you can trust your life with. Firm and strict, she is not a fan of too much drama. All she wants to do her job and her job is saving your life.

Favorite Cops: Hawaii 5-0 (2010 version)

These guys (and beautiful lady) are the best cops on TV land. The way they handle their business and catch all the bad guys, it’s too commendable. And they also know how to have a good time.

So these are my TV Land favorites. I am curious to read about yours. You could drop them as a comment or create a post on them and invite me to read.

Have an awesome weekend



  1. Never watched 24 funny enough by I just love Jack Bauer commanding presence!
    Wolverine is just on point anyday. For some good reasons, they always get to find the perfect cast to play his role in most variations of movies.

    I was relaxed reading this Harry.

  2. I don't think i was born, wen dis was d in-thing. But dat doesn't make it any less a nice post. I awarded you stylish and versatile blogger. it's to see what follows.

  3. I love the fact that you captured all my favorite series buh i must say that "GLORIA and PHIL" are my best characters in modern family...darn i love her accent.LOL! and PHIL? that guy is something else...gr8 read.


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