Monday, June 11, 2012

The Man They Call Jesus

I have not done any research (and I do not think I would) but I feel Jesus is the most talked about man of all time. Christians spend their time trying to get the world to believe in him while atheist try to convince anyone who cares to listen that he doesn’t exist and the guy down the street keeps wondering what the fuss is about the guy. Over the years, a lot of research has been done to study the historical Christ. Some findings show that he did exist and these findings support what is said in the Bible while some findings show that the entire Christian religion is a fraud and that said Jesus did not exist.

I became a Christian in August of 2006 and it did not happen after an altar call. I was raised in a Christian home and I knew all the ropes but I did not believe. I loved the idea of God and his Son but did not really believe in them or their existence. I loved Christian music because it was very positive and inspiring but I just was not fully convinced about who this God was. So after a lot of soul searching,  I decided to follow Jesus. There was no pastor praying for me. It was not after I saw The Passion of The Christ. It was just a decision I decided to make.

Shortly after that, I got into the University and started a new chapter in my life and being a Christian is not a walk in the park: it is a very unpredictable journey can get very tiring.  My life has I had known it had to change and the transformation process is long and painful. (1Peter1:7)
With that being said, my journey was rough and a struggle. It was as if things were so much easier when I was not a Christian. I could not understand how I am supposed to be serving this Jesus who seems uninterested in my life. In my head, I am like “Dude I am serving you. I have decided to live for you. Can you help me out here?” It was so frustrating and sometimes I would just decide that my old life was better besides how was I sure if he actually existed.

And then I had my Jesus moment.

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  1. hmm, interesting to read about your experience with Jesus. A bit different from the usual.

    By the way, I really love the Yadamag Music Project vol 2 mehn. Awesome tracks! Keep it going man!


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