Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer TV so Far... I'm Loving IT!!!


It is an amazing Monday here in Lagos. The rain fell all throughout yesterday making way for a very Sunny Monday morning. Hope you guys had an awesome weekend. I did :)

When it was time for Summer Season to start in America, I had my reservations. I wasn't sure what to expect I mean all the shows I love (Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Scandal, Hawaii 5-0, The X Factor, New Girl etc) are all found in the Fall season lineup.

I thought wrong

Here are some of the shows I am watching right now

 So You Think You Can Dance

Baby Daddy

Necessary Roughness

The Glee Project

Anger Management

Web Therapy

Drop Dead Diva

So that's my Summer TV list. What are you watching? Let me know? I could add it to my list...

Have an awesome week


PS: The Talkaholic is back... FOR GOOD!

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