Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Finding Freedom

Do you love me?

Andrea looked at him hoping that he would give her an answer as soon as possible. She thought maybe if he assured her of his loven She might actually feel good about what just happened. Her gaze was fixed on him but he kept struggling with his clothes. Apparently, he was late for a meeting with his boss.
"I'll call you" he told her as he dashed out of her room.

Well, it has been 3 weeks, 4 days and 12 hours and she is still expecting his call. She is there sitting by her phone, alone.

Oh and there is Damon. Wannabe rock star. Loves the flashing lights and the parties and the fame. If only he can get that BIG BREAK and everything will be alright. People will notice him when he comes into the club. All the "cool kids" will want to be friends with him. His lifestyle will upgrade and girls will die to be his girlfriend. But until then, he'll keep struggling so that he can look cool on the outside and sleep with anything in a skirt that makes him feel a little bit more than a man.

In the end, the girls leave and he is left in his one room apartment, alone.

Question: When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Do you feel you are not worth anything? Do you feel ashamed of the person you have become? Do you dream of changing something? Do you wish you were a bit smarter or cuter, or taller?

What do you see?

Truth is we can have surgery to alter how we look but there is no surgery that can fix a wounded soul. We can get clothes to disguise our imperfections but when the clothes come off and are in front of the mirror, those imperfections stare right back at us. We can know all the "right" people and party with the "right" crowd and have the fat bank account but at night when they leave, you are back at square one.

What do we do?

Love yourself. When you wake up every morning look in the mirror and say "I love you" because it is only when we start to love ourselves we find freedom. We free ourselves from the chains that people have put us in. Those that told us we were not good enough, or smart enough or wise enough. We free ourselves from all the negativity that came from different life experiences. You have to love yourself, because Someone loved you so much to give His precious gift for YOU! You do not need anyone to give you self-worth. You do not need to look for love in a kiss or a one-night stand. All you can do is love yourself. Be kind to everyone that comes your way. And live life to the fullest. Give yourself a treat. Dance when no music is playing. Pray for a friend. Start a conversation with someone you have not met before. Do not worry about fitting in or getting someone's approval.

Love God. Love Yourself. Love Others as Yourself. Then you will find freedom.

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  1. yeah, it is in loving that we are loved.

    Lord teach me to love myself enough to know when true love is been showed to me.

  2. First to comment. Lovely post sir... BElieve in YOUrself!!!

  3. Finding freedom is the best remedy for one with low elsteem cos learning to love yourself, damns whatever negativity you get from people everyday

  4. This is one of the best articles I've ever read, right on point!

  5. Thanks guys for the love. I appreciate


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