Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Review of Bez's Super Sun Concert

Forgive my amateur picture lol

I have a dream that someday
I’ll be the Super Sun, will be the Super Sun

Prior to this concert, the only songs I knew by Bez were Super Sun and That Stupid Song. Even though I had his album, I never really took time out to listen to it. I knew he was good and super talented but was I sure he'd be able to pull of a concert at the Eko Hotel and Suites? Didn't think so. He is one of the coolest entertainers I have met so when the opportunity to attend the concert came, I decided to give it a shot. As a young Entertainment Journalist, I have been to A LOT of concerts and shows in Lagos and they ALWAYS disappoint. With this in mind, I decided to go for the concert not because I felt it will be mind blowing but because I felt Bez is one of the few good artistes in Nigeria and I wanted to support him 100%

I got to the concert and after doing all my interviews, I settled in to enjoy the show. I got in just as Waje was performing and it was super amazing. Seyi Shay took the stage after Waje. I thought she was high but apparently she just has a lot of energy. Omawunmi followed after her and as usual she killed her performance. She is an amazing vocalist and love the twist she gave to the songs. Timi Dakolo's performance was ok. Not too special but not forgettable. Praiz thrilled audiences with Rich and Famous. Tiwa Savage and Stan Iyke did their thing even though I thought Tiwa's voice was too powerful for his. After that Tiwa joined Cobhams for an amazing rendition of "Jesus Loves Me". I always used to think that Tiwa wasn't a good singer but after listening to her belt to the Jesus... hmmm... I have a new perception. 

And now to Bez... I don't even have the words to describe this guy. His music is ART. Every single person on his band brings a unique flavour to the performance in EVERY song. There is so much attention to detail in their music and he tried to make every song a unique experience. Performances I loved were The Good The Bad The Ugly, Technically, More You, Stop Pretending, Zuci Daya, Super Sun and obviously That Stupid Song. (I can't even type. Still excited over the show)

A few observations though
1. Why can't we start a show on time?
2. Why do Nigerian ladies wear evening dresses to a concert?
3. Why was everybody forming calm and collected? I mean who sits down a a concert? I sat down too but it was with good reason. I did know all the songs to get me hype and all but I mean everyone just sat down and crossed their legs like they were watching the ballet. Oh well

Still it was a good show. Had an amazing time and it rocked totally. Bez you rock man!~!! Love ya!!!

Waiting for the next concert.

PS: Chigurl was HILARIOUS!!! Love her

NOTE: I am moving my blog to next year and I am so excited about it. So, from next year, I'll be blogging from there. Thanks for the support all through the years. Love y'all


  1. Nice one man. Seems like the show was a success. Congratulations Bez

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