Tuesday, January 1, 2008

KEMI'S JOURNAL: The Best Book of 2007

Last Month, I went to Mazi Bookstores in Yaba and I saw the book, Kemi's Journal. At first, I was like puh-lease, this is just another British Nigerian Chiamanda wanna-be. I go to the Palms in Lekki and I see the book again, this time I read the back and i'm like it might not be a bad book afterall. Then on Christmas Day, I go to the Silverbird Galleria to watch a movie, fortunately or unfortunately for me, the movie I wanted to see "This Christmas" Starring Chris Brown, Regina King, Loretta Devine et al was not showing till 7.00 pm so I decided to go to the Media Stores and there i bought the book along with the sequel "Zack's Story"

First, Abidemi Sanusi is the best xtian author out there now. She can compete with the likes of Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers. She is a wonderful and blessed author.

Second, EVERY growing xtian would be able to relate to this book. It is amazing.

Third, it is the best book of 2007 to me. I love it and i would soon be true with the sequel which i'm enjoying too.

Kudos to Abidemi Sanusi. Well Done!

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