Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Prophetess Juanita Bynum and Bishop Weeks The Third Controversy

Juanita Bynum. Where do I start from. From the fact that she has blessed me or that I feel contrary to popular belief I feel she is a real Woman of God. I love her.

Recently, Bynum and Bishop Weeks III separated in June 2007. In the early morning of August 21, 2007, the two met at the Rennaisance hotel in Atlanta, Georgia in an attempt to reconcile. But the meeting soured and Weeks stormed out of the hotel. Bynum followed him. Weeks proceeded to choke, slam to the ground, stomp, and kick Bynum, threatening to kill her, until a hotel bellman pulled Weeks off of her. Weeks fled the scene and law authorities considered him a fugitive for two days before he turned himself in (on August 23, 2007). He has been charged for the incident.

It is reported that Weeks left the scene of the attack, according to police. Warrants had been issued for Weeks, who has been charged with one count of aggravated assault and one count of terrorist threats against Bynum. According to a lawyer for Weeks, the Bishop plans to continue his ministry and to try to reconcile with his wife after the allegations are dealt with, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports."He is extremely sad over the events that have taken place," said Edward Garland, one of the two attorneys representing Weeks. "I think there is hope on his part that the relationship can get past these difficult moments." Bynum, who is said to be with family members, released this statement on Thursday:“I am currently recovering from all of my injuries and resting well. There are so many great things happening for me in my future and so much to look foward to concerning my destiny. This too shall pass. The Bible says in Proverbs 4:25: 'Let your eyes look right on with fixed purpose and let your gaze be straight before you.' Thank you for your concern and please continue to pray for my recovery!"

After, this incident Juanita appeared on TBN after a while( I dont know when exactly) and she said she forgave her husband. She said so many things that I became convinced that she still has the anointing of God upon her life. She has blessed me and I'll keep praying for her.

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