Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Booth Camp Experience


I know it has been long and all of y'all have been wondering where The Talkaholic disappeared to. Well, I was at the 2008 YWAP Booth Camp. It was amazing and the theme for this years camp was 'Manifestation Of His Power'.

My Booth Camp experience cannot be explained in the sense that I felt God move in a whole new dimension. At first, it looked like I was not going to have fun but somehow someway, God touched me in an amazing way. Right now, I have no worries because I know that God has taken care of every problem in my life.

Also, I have decided that my blog will be STRICTLY GOSPEL! Due to this, you might not see some post on this site again.

Once again, I am back, recharged and ready to take the world by storm.

Stay Blessed.



  1. Awww thats good.

    Good to see someone your age rooting for Jesus.Keep it up.



Oya you sef talk ya own!!!