Monday, September 22, 2008



I know it has been long since I last wrote here. It is cause of school and all. I have been busy with registration and thw wifi in my school has not been superb but at least thank God I am here...blogging.

Yesterday was an amazing day as the 1st ever Nigerian Bloggers Conference 2008 was held at Elomaz Hotel, Maryland. It was organised by one of Nigeria's respected bloggers, Deolu Akinyemi

The event saw various bloggers from various works of life coming together to see how an effective blogging industry could be created in Nigeria. Discussions where held from blogging basics to the importance of having your very own domain name. Making money of your blog was aldo discussed as well as the importance of RSS Feeds and how to wake up a dead blog.

It was an amazing experience I must confess. I thought I knew blogging until I was at that conference. We, Nigerian bloggers are hoping for a better and bigger conference in 2009. Looking back at this conference, I know that there is hope for the blogging industry in Nigeria. The best os yet to come.

Till I return, I am still The Talkaholic



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  1. Welldone Talkaholic,

    It was nice seeing you. And great blog you have here, well done.


    Adeolu Akinyemi


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