Thursday, September 25, 2008

What A Guy Wants

What a girl wants,
What a girl needs,
Whatever makes you happy and sets you free...


From Christina Aguilera's hit single, to the movie by Amanda Bynes, everybody seems to be proclaiming what a girl wants. Believe me, I have no problem at all with knowing what a girl wants and all but ladies (Please be honest with me), when have you asked the guys what they want? Yes, we have to know what y'all want and need but I think it is time that the female folk knows what a guy wants.

Every guy has different needs. Trust me, my needs are not the same with the guy from down the street. But there is one thing I know for sure, even though they don't show it, ALL guys want to be LOVED!

For ages, people have seen the men as very selfish and insensitive to the feelings of the female gender. Yes, some guys may be like that but I know behind all the act and the super-macho attitude, every guy wants to be loved. They want someone who will be there for them, someone who will tell them they look good in that new shirt. Someone who will tell them wt beautiful eyes he has. Trust me, guys like that. A guy wants someone who is there to encourage him. someone who believed in him. Someone who will tell him 'I Love You' and mean it. A companion that is not a family memeber.

If you are a guy and you dont feel the same, i am sorry for assuming but this guy, this guy they call Harry, this is what he wants. I don't really care how you feel about this, it's just what I need and I AM SO SURE that God is going to give it to me.

Till my next post...

I remain The Talkaholic



PS: I am not hating on Christina Aguilera's single


  1. haha, thanks for sharing with the world what you want. I hope you have found it. And, if not, I'm sure you will.


  2. Are you trynna tell me the love i show you isn't enough...? Now you've hurt this girl's feelings....


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