Thursday, October 2, 2008


I read a whole lot. I guess you knew that already. Anyways, anytime I read a novel or a magazine or I watch a movie or I listen to the radio, I hear some quotes that sweep me of my feet. Now, I am not endorsing the people who made the quotes (even though I love some of them), I am just saying, they rock.

Here are some of them...

“Being able to create something from the ground up has been a dream. Hopefully this DVD will show there are different sides to everyone, and that if you experience new things, you will grow as a person. It's for everyone, even people that might say they are not creative, because sometimes it's not about the end product but the journey to get there. Be creative, be open minded, and enjoy life.” --Raven-SymonĂ© on her new DVD ‘Raven SymonĂ© Presents’.

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces people into thinking they can’t lose” – Bill Gates

“Be happy in your body... it’s the only one you’ve got so you might as well like it” – Keira Knightley

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song” – Maya Angelou

“Never settle for less than your dreams, somewhere, sometime, someday, somehow, you’ll find them” – Danielle Steel

“I seek not yours, but YOU (GOD)” – Paul the Apostle

“The average man sees sex, thinks and dreams sex, but is totally ignorant of God’s purpose for sex” – Lester Sumrall from the book ’60 Things God said About Sex”

“Inspiration is a value of inestimable value” --Dr David Oyedepo

“In Christ, you can do all things. In Christ, your weakness is made perfection. In Christ, your ability to love, to forgive to heal, to transform is unlimited” --Laurie Beth Jones from the book ‘Jesus in Blue Jeans’

“You a hustler, pimp, tell me what’s your title? America has no more stars, now we call them idols’ –Kirk Franklin from the song ‘Lose My Soul’

“Your faith may be small but the God in whom you placed your faith is huge” – Anonymous

“I have to stay in constant communication with GOD, unless I’ll get ugly real quick” – Lisa Kimmey-Winans on the TV Show ‘Gospel Today’

“Some Christians haven’t even attempted to think about whether or not they would die for Jesus, because they haven’t really being leaving for him” – DC Talk from the book ‘Jesus Freaks’

“Everything is wrong until God sets it right” – Dr A.W. Tozer

“At the beginning of every act of faith, there is often a seed of fear. For great acts of faith are barely born out of calm calculation” – Max Lucado

“The best relationships are between two people who care more about each other’s good than their own momentary pleasure” – Joshua Harris from his book ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’

“Read as if it all depends on reading. Pray as if it all depends on praying and enter the examination hall, trusting God like you have never before” – Captain Moyo at the 2007 YWAP Booth Camp Kaduna

“Happiness is from the flesh, joy is from the Spirit sp follow the Urim and the Thummim of your heart which is righteousness, peace and joy” – Rev Bob Alonge at the 2007 YWAP Booth Camp Kaduna

“Every Individual has 500 untried skills” – Barr. Anago at the 2007 YWAP Booth Camp Kaduna

“When God steps into a virgin situation, he takes all the glory. God presents the best gifts in the worst packages” – Pastor Paul Adefarasin from the message ‘The First Christmas’

“God uses the least likely to do the most mighty” – Pastor Paul Adefarasin at the 2007 DOXA- It’s Your Time Conference

“Get on fire for God and the world will come and watch you burn” – Dr Daniel Olukoya

“Nothing is more disastrous than to study faith, analyze faith but never actually to make the leap of faith” – Vance Harner

“The most common mistake Christians make in worship today is seeking an experience rather than seeking God” – Rick Warren

“The Son of God became the Son of Man so that the sons of men can become the sons of God” – Pastor Paul Adefarasin from his message ‘The First Christmas’

I hope you loved the quotes. Watch out for more on this blog.

Till then... I am The Talkaholic



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