Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Grammys...Hmmmn

This years' Grammy's was I read. I did not watch it because I never watch it. I mean I listen to mainly gospel music and it has like how many categories so I really don't send it. Word on the net is that it was cool with performances by some artists I am not interested in remembering. The shocker of it all was the supposed performance of Chris Brown and Rihanna. Oh! Yeah. He beat her so he got arrested. I never in my life imagined that Chris will hurt a fly talkless of another human being. Life is really full of surprises. And I thought Rihanna was a 'a good girl turned bad'. Why couldn't she defend herself? I guess she didn't have her umbrella to whup Chris' behind. Anyways, pray for them. They need your prayers right now. We really don't want to know who is wrong or right, just pray for them. Maybe this is the point God wants them to be in.

I pray Lord, you comfort Rihanna and Chris in this time of their lives. you know whats up so help them.

Back to the Grammy's, I was so annoyed that Casting Crowns or CeCe dint win best gospel performance but I am happy at least it was Mary Mary that got it. Best gospel song went to Kirk Franklin's Help Me Believe. Yes, 21:03 or Mary Mary did not bag it. Another disappointment though at least I am thankful Kirk got it. TOBYMAC won best rock or rap for Alive and Transported, now that's what I am talking about and CeCe got best pop contemporary. Yippee! The Fight of My Life won the Contemporary gospel album. Another good prediction. Also the Gaither Love Band won too...that was so cool.

It felt so good seeing the result of this years Grammy. It was fair, I guess. So now, I am waiting for the Oscars and the Dove Awards...



  1. hey! this is ur friend's sis..she told me asked for my blog add..uh, im anonymous thats why im not naming any

    i really enjoyed the grammys..the highlight for me was watching M.I.A. as HEAVYILY PREGNANT as she was perform with some of my fav rappers!

    i just did a post on chris brown n rihanna..its so sad to say the least..

  2. I know u..but imma say nuthn..about to go check ur blog out

  3. You wouldn't believe I never watched any grammy! TOBY MAC WON ROCK??????????????????? HOW???????????? RIGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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