Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Music Video: Mary Mary- God In Me

OK. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this video but who am I to judge? Watch the video and let me know what you think though. In the meanwhile, the recommended song for this week is from Hillsong and it is called "Mighty To Save" Enjoy the video and I am waiting for your comment.


  1. That Hillsong song is Nice.... Love it to bits.. This video seems to be focused on bling-bling and stuff.. Surely that is not the point of God being in us is it.. The song itself sounds nice..

  2. you really cannot judge. ther' different ways u can interpret the video.
    Say: Mary Mary is out to give these secualr stars an oppurtunity to give a show for Christianity n gospel n hope to convert in a way or...
    Say: they get to actually rub with these stars in their lives but actaully its the God in them that gets them to shine like stars on the industry stage.
    Say: u may read it negatively n say- y show these ppl off in ur illustration wen they really rep no "God in them"?
    ther r really diffrnt points of view but can u say which is the actual n how exactly god intends to use the Mary Mary vessel to save souls in the music industry there???

  3. You all have a point but does the video pass across the message in the music...dat should be the aim...correct me if i am wrong.

  4. Love the song in itself. the video is nice, but dont think the concept of it rhymes with the wordings of the song.


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