Monday, October 26, 2009

Manwell Reyes presents Revolution 1

I love when celebrities get their giving on. I personally feel that life is about making a difference in the world through diverse ways and one of the ways to do that is by making a difference in somebody's life and that is what Manwell is doing through Revolution 1 or Rev1

From the site:
 Rev1 is micro-philanthropy making a difference $1 at a time. Founded by Manwell Reyes in the summer of 2009, Rev1 seeks to make a big difference with the smallest of donations.

After achieving success as a member of Group 1 Crew, Manwell wanted to make an impact, give back, and give others the opportunity to do the same. Countless fans inspired Rev1 with their enthusiasm for the music and messages of Group 1 Crew. Manwell realized that despite their zeal, this younger generation needed an outlet to match their limitless passion with their limited resources. He began Rev1 as a way to partner their energy with organizations in need.  By only asking for just $1, he believes that anyone can participate in making a difference.

Today, with the help of a dedicated board of directors and some wonderful volunteers, Rev1 is taking off and taking care of some real needs in the world.

I really encourage you guys to participate especially those in the United States. This is one good deed you will do that will not go unrewarded. Want to help? Learn about the current project and give $1 to join the Rev1-olution today!

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