Monday, October 26, 2009


Honestly, some things have been happening and trust aint gospel!!!(That's a new slang I just learnt), anyways sha there are somethings that I have to reveal... First thing is that I am currently in romance mode... I dunno why but I have been in mushy mushy mode lately. Maybe it's the movies, or the Brandy 'Never say Never' album on my playlist or the Stacie Orrico "Beautiful Awakening" I have been bumping. Either ways, that is the mode I am in right now... hmmnnn...

Also, I think I need therapy. I have been doing some crazy ish lately. Things that I cannot even believe that I can do. I mean, I AM MR NICE GUY but it's like I am Darth Vader... Yes oh!! it's the truth and I don't like it at all.

I know I am rambling and babbling right now but that is what I do, I am the Talkaholic... Anyways, I want to use this medium to apologize on behalf of the YADA teamin the delay of the release of this month's issue (that didn't make sense). Sha you guys, imma hola back later, I gotta go finish my Chapter 2... It's not easy to be in final year...



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