Monday, October 19, 2009

On Kiss & Tell

First, I want to thank every person who reads this blog consistently. I appreciate it a alot. You guys motivate me and even when I come short, you guys are there motivating me. Thank you so much.

As regards Kiss and Tell ( your comment and i appreciate it... this post is dedicated to!), the reason why the blog stopped running is because I am turning it into a book. I have an idea though and I promise I will communicate it on the blog very soon... Keep your ears to the ground guys...

Once again, thnak you and  I  have not finished talking oh...get ready for more


PS: Thanks emJOY, (Did not know the name to use) and everybody who reads this blog...Kayla, Jabez .... God bless you!!!


  1. Harry I actually wanted to cry when I read this. thanks for the reply. How is your studies coming up? Actually the thingi is my code name...ask around, my name is the shortest you can ever hear!!!! Very grateful!!!! GBU!

  2. No problem...Are you on facebook???/If you are add me oh!


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