Tuesday, October 13, 2009

VIDEO: Tribute to Samoa "Praying for You" by The Katinas

I personally find this video inspiring and I love the Katinas!!!!

Remember Samoa in your prayers. Pray that those that lost loved ones will be comforted.


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  1. ok..so I actually ddnt watch dis (although I would later) but pls...abeg u....could u continue the kiss and tell stories!!! Some of us have been lookin out for it since the day we saw it!!!! I'm sure u'v bn seeing HU in ur visitor flag counter and also in your feeds on kiss and tell blog...yes, its me (I wont b suprised if u dnt know anyway...I met u in CU (just dis yr...I was in my finals and u gave me "YADA"!!!)...I'll kip checkin sha...hw is sch? Wishin u a blessed finals oh (sebi u r in finals nw?)...k, to make things easier, when u finish with this u cn delete it...oh yes...dieurobotica@yahoo.com


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