Friday, October 9, 2009

The Son of the King Tour

To those of you. who don't know, I am a staff writer at VIKLIFE.COM. Though I have not been performing well, the site is amazing and it is run by Hip Hop artist, Viktory. He is an amazing rapper who loves the lord and now he is planning the Son of the King Tour featuring Canton Jones, Da' T.R.U.T.H. and Marvin Winans Jr.

What is our mission?

Outreach and Revival.

Viktorious Music Group has developed a dynamic series of concerts packed with Power & Praise. With help from today’s hottest urban music minister we have put together one of the most exciting concert series of the year.

The Word of God plainly refers to us as “Sons” in the book of John (John 1:12). It is our aim to bring the world into the knowledge of the “Sonship” that awaits all that come to believe in the name of Jesus Christ.

The converted also need this reminder as well. Many believers find themselves living unfilled, unproductive lives, for one simple reason… a lack of knowledge. Responding to the call of God, Viktory is burdened to lead the world into relationship with the Living Word, our Risen Savior Jesus Christ.

The Son of the King Concert Series is just one of the many ways Urban Hip Hop music is being used to reach the lost for Christ. Expect much more than entertainment, expect outreach and revival.

For More Information Call
Lisa Pierson
General Manager
Viktorious Music Group, L.L.C.
Email: Lisa@ViktoryLive.Com
Office: 256 701 5863
Cell: 256 457 7083

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