Saturday, October 10, 2009

America gave our policemen bikes...hmmn.....

So to those of you who have no clue, policemen in Kaduna were given bikes. This was in Feb of this year. Yeah...I just find out and I am as shocked as you are... I just came across it in a magazine that the US Diplomatic Mission/Embassy/Consulate (Not sure what they call it) in Nigeria publish. Well, here is the story straight from their website

U.S. Ambassador Robin RenĂ©e Sanders on February 17 handed over 150 bicycles donated by the U.S. Government to the Nigerian Police Force, concluding a multi-year Community Policing project.  Speaking at the Police College, Kaduna, at an American National Week event, Ambassador Sanders said the Community Policing project is a concrete example of the benefits of our partnership with the people of Nigeria to ensure peace and security in their communities.   These bicycles complete the total donation of 500 bicycles provided by the U.S. Government for this project.
The community policing project began in 2004 at the Kaduna Police College.  The U.S. Government has provided $152,000 (22.8 million Naira) for the project to support the community policing efforts of the Nigeria Police Force.  The project includes classroom lessons and practical training for police officers and constables in the Kaduna area. Community policing is also an integral part of the curriculum for the basic recruit course at the Police College.   This integrated approach strengthens the relationship between the community and the police by enabling the police to communicate effectively with and gain the trust of the local community. 
Under the project the USG trained mid level, senior level officers and constables through classroom and practical lessons after which they were presented with 25 bicycles to enable them patrol Rigasa division in Kaduna to interact and report crimes.
The project was also introduced to 18 members of an NGO, Interfaith forum (IFF) which works with the community and the police to promote peace and prevent communal clashes.  Interfaith Forum does this through keeping the community informed of the functions of the police.
A final training was conducted in bicycle patrol for constables in 4 divisions within the Kaduna State command namely Kawo, Ungwar Rimi, Ungwan Sanusi and Kakuri divisions.

 OK. I want to first of all say that I love the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and this is not a hate post and I commend the work our policemen have been doing so far...but please... BIKES? to policemen? How are they gonna be effective on bikes? That is a very honest question and I will really like an answer from someone who can tell me how policemen who have not finished catching robbers in their cars will do that on bikes. I have not been to America before but I know that when there is a robbery attack, their policemen don't show up on bikes. Or do they?

NOTE: This is supposed to strengthen the capacity of our law enforcement agencies. She says it will come in handy during patrol and it will help in rural areas... cause of lack of resources to get fuel (WAIT! I thought we produce fuel? OMG! There is even a refinery in Kaduna!)

It gets better. The Kaduna State Police Commissioner says that this will enhance the service of the police force in providing effective crime control in Nigeria. WOW! The bikes will do the trick!

I appreciate the gesture and I want to commend the Ambassador and the US government for the effort they are making to develop a healthy relationship with us but 22.8 Million Naira will go a long way in helping orphaned children or abandoned babies living with HIV/AIDS or something. If you ever wanna make a donation, call on me, I have many ideas.

But what do I know? I am just a 20 year old undergraduate student who loves his country.



  1. Lol haha ur right harry..
    It is really ridiculous..
    What are policemen seriously going to do with bikes.

  2. eMJOY:
    Well here in Toronto, Canada I see a lot of security officils on bicycles. Its PRIMARILY for patrolling purposes. Vigilante security and police patrol neighbourhoods on such, rather than chase suspect cars. They issue out tickets with them and they actually catch up with pedestrian suspects on their bikes. In such an area(rurla area) in Kaduna, they have made a wise move for positive change (as expected).I congratulate the gesture. GO GO GET IT (NewNig!) So...
    JOY homes

  3. Nothing ridiculous about that....makes sense if it's usage is for rural areas with all that uneven terrain...Good move!


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