Monday, November 23, 2009

New Week... ands the launch of my Photography career

OK... maybe not exactly the launch of  a career in photography but I am seriously considering it.. Here are the pictures as I promised... Hope they are good enough...

This was funny I had to take it

Love the color

Can you see the bird... It's so cute

The landmarks in my school are wanna try???

Believe it or not... that's the sky baby

This is beautiful

Suddenly... I don't think I wanna put the other ones... Imma think about it but until then check out the new Kiss and Tell story here

Also you just have to see this  You can imagine the reaction I had when I did...

Stay cool blogville.. It is a new week so keep on keeping on.. Put God first in everything...  worship Him with everything... Tomorrow is the deadline for my chapters 2 &3 and I am a nervous wreck but God help me... Stay cool guys... and remember YADA's deadline is on Wednesday so hurry up people... Check out the guidelines here so fellow blogville citizens.. I am waiting on you...

Take it easy and please... stay locked... I have something coming up REALLY soon

Picture of my group  for an assignment in my course... funny thing is.. I love Mass Comm...



  1. I really like the pic of the bird on the tree/bush branches. And that first picture of the t-shirt is funny as well.

    Hope all is well and did i just comment twice on your blog in 2 different posts in one day? Nice.

  2. wassup Harry? all gud all gud. I like dat Prima group photo, are there other fotos for other peeps in d mass comm class? if there are pls upload I go like c Owolabi, Yomibee, and Tolu's group pics n others too please. GO GO GET IT!

  3. Nice pictures...this is a start...& the beginning of something amazing

    Omo i fear when i see u for the middle...
    just you one versus four delectable ladies...pray

    now off to visit ur other blog

  4. @solomonsydelle..thnaks for the comment... imma take more pics problem...will upload them soon
    @tankojetty... Thanks and keep it locked here

  5. Nice pics. The first one was so funny, you do have a sense of humor.

  6. @Myne... thanks... It's good to know someone thinks I have a good sense of humor

  7. @Myne... thanks...It feels good 2 know I have a good sense of humor

  8. Emenike Stella EbubeNovember 26, 2009 at 3:22 PM

    stella ebube- well 2day, i was browsing with my system at the wing a section of the libary and i just had the feeling to type in ur name in google with the intention of seeing the famous talkaholic site, well, i dint xpect this. this is so lovely, to be very sincere, i was so impressed and i am more than happy to know you. i read some of ur writings, i even saved some of them, cuz i wantd to take my time to read them.
    i really do think u shld go into photojournalism if thats what u really want, ur pics are so nice and its lyk u love naturalism, its cool, i love the picture of the flower and the blue sky. then for ur grp work, dat wz very thoughtful of u.
    well wat more, as for ur system and charger, sorry abt it, hope its working now, anyway i'll pray for u. pls keep doing this, its so real and different frm the junks we see on the net. i wish u the best and trust me, u are inspiring lives out there. all the best dear....


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