Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Discussion: Has Obama achieved anything??????

Hola guys!!!

I was reading and people were like Obama has really not acheived anything ever since he got into office... According to a  poll on a popular news website... The guy hasn't done anything... What do you  think??? Do you agree or disagree??

Personally, I think for the mere fact that he is the first African American president of the United States of America...that is ALL the achievement he needs... He is trying and I think y'all should cut the guy some slack... I mean there are presidents who are not even doing ANYTHING at all!!!

But hey.. what do i know??? I am just a 20 year old undergraduate student!!

Opinions people!!!


  1. lets be honest here what did people expect Obama has to deal with year and years of issues, 2 wars a huge bugit deficit and a world wide recession plus he has also been tryiing to reform health care and improve international relations between the united states and other countries he and of course he is meeting resistance from some people you cant expect him to do it all most presidents dont do all that they say they will in their first tenure in office so cut the man some slack hes doing what he can as fast as he can.

  2. He's not a messiah..
    Simpel and short

  3. I'm not saying he should perform a miracle or anything and sure he's tryin..My deal is..let him achieve something solid before he gets a nobel peace prize otherwise it just make a mockery outof the whole system and previous winners like mlk and 0.02


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