Thursday, November 5, 2009

Your Africa, My Africa

I hate your Africa.
It is a misconstructed concept that is nothing but a lie.
Yes, you heard me, it is a lie.
I am not hating on you honestly, I am not
But I hate your Africa, the one you showed the world.
Do you think that because you control the airwaves that you can just feed the world with a fabricated version of what you know?
Once again, I do not hat you, I just feel I deserve an apology.
What do you take us for? Fools? Imbeciles? An uninformed race?
I am sorry but I am about to change that.
Let me introduce you to my Africa.
My Africa is a fertile land flowing with milk and honey,
It is a land where world changers are raised and nurtured for future exploits.
Heard of Nelson Mandela, Bishop Desmond Tutu?
Oh... I aint done yet.
We are not a land ravaged with war and famine.
We don't get plagued with natural disasters on the regular... NO!
Not all of us are corrupt and irresponsible.
We do not find our identity based on your standards... you do not define us!
Our artistic abilities are to be reckoned with... It will blow your mind...
Heard of Soyinka... I am even going too far Chimamanda, Philip Emegwalii, Harry Itie???
Truth is we all have our issues, our shortcomings and our failures.
We know where we fall short and trust me we are working on it.
But please, it does not give you the right to constantly ridicule and put us down via the media.
It is not enough reason for you to drag our name in the mud... Please?
Come on, our reputation is at stake here.
You say we need help relief and blah blah blah and maybe we do need help,
But everybody needs help... are you forgetting you guys come around and take our resources to develop your nations?
It is either that is us offering you help or you guys are stealing from us.

Let me end with this story. a man is allowed to discipline his child when that child misbehaves. Even his family members can reprimand the child. If any member of an extended family, the family members can gather together to talk sense into the one messing up. It is allowed. But it is a BIG insult for an outsider to come and judge their matter... who send em??? You leave your house, come judge another person wahala... wetin concern crayfish with raincoat? Abomiantion!!! Toofia!!!

Please let us correct ourselves. We are the ones allowed to diss our nation. you are not so perfect yourselves. Don't say what you don't know and don't judge someone else's servant (Rom 14:4).

Do not be fooled by what you see. Africa is a star that will shine. Our time is coming and we are taking over. Once again, don't be moved by what you see, for what you see is temporary and the unseen is eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18)

Let's live together in harmony and eagerly await the unveiling of the new Africa, My Africa!



  1. We should learnt to "OWN" both the good and bad of Africa..
    Don't claim the good and shun the bad..
    Own it have take responsibility.

  2. Well said, Harry! but i'd like to know what publication had the guts to diss my homeland.


Oya you sef talk ya own!!!