Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Help Christian families in Vietnam celebrate Christmas

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Christmas Care
Tribal Christians in northern and central Vietnam are routinely harassed by police. Authorities beat them and intimidate them, forcing them from their homes. Christian families often lose their land and everything they own. It's not unusual to see parents and their children trekking down muddy paths, their backs burdened with their few remaining possessions. With no safe haven, many are forced to make their home out of a plastic tarp.
You might think nothing could relieve the cloud of persecution surrounding our brothers and sisters in Vietnam. But something as small as a Gospel storybook telling of Christ's love or a toy given to them by someone from their Christian family can have an incredible effect on those suffering for their faith. Such gifts help them know their brothers and sisters around the world love and care for them.
You can encourage our persecuted brothers and sisters and help bring the gospel to Vietnam by sponsoring a Christmas Care Pack or a Village Outreach Pack.
Christmas Care Packs are backpacks filled with Christian books, a toy, school supplies, and clothing for needy Christian children. You can sponsor the delivery of a Christmas Care Pack for $25.
Village Outreach Packs include a set of ministry tools such as books, tracts, DVDs and an MP3 player to help evangelists share Jesus with those around them. You can sponsor the delivery of a Village Outreach Pack for $75.
If you would like to view a list of resources on the persecuted church and online specials from VOM, please visit www.VOMBooks.com.
This online offer is being presented by The Voice of the Martyrs. For additional information, you may contact us by clicking here or calling our order line at 800-747-0085. To view our privacy policy, click here.

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