Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So you heard??? He said... She said... YOU TALK TOO MUCH!!

This is how I feel right now. You can imagine people walking up to you, acting like they have you all figured out... What kind of rubbish is that? Imagine someone who is not even a family member, talk less of friend is telling me that he knows me more than I know myself. I really don't get honestly.

I know most times we judge people before we meet them. It is normal and it is very human but it doesn't give you the room to think you have them all figured out... and it just doesn't end there... these people then go about spreading rumors.. before you know it, you will start to here he said, she said, they said, Lagbaja told me... and in the end.. the person's reputation is in the mud...

I dunno why I am saying this but please....let us stop gossiping... Exodus 23:1 sums it all up

YOU SHALL not repeat or raise a false report; you shall not join with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness. (The Amplified Version)

Peace out!!!

PS: I am currently listening to The Washington Projects- You Talk too Much and check out the YADA blog here


  1. Yeah it happens..people thinking they have you all figured out. Best thing is to ignore them.


Oya you sef talk ya own!!!