Friday, December 18, 2009

YADA Information

Hey guys,
First of all, I want to say a big thank you for supporting YADA since we started in May 2009. It has been awesome to know that through it all, I still have your support... Thank you.

We have received emails as regards The YADA Black & White Ball and as most of you might have already guessed. The event is not holding again. This is due to circumstances beyond our control and we are awfully sorry it had to be canceled. We were looking forward to the vent but God knows best. That might sound very cliche but I tell you, It is the truth. We can only hope that by next year, we will have a bigger event. It is to this end, that I want to invite you to an event that is holding this Saturday in Onike Yaba. It is a concert organized by YWAP Lagos and it is called mini. The venue is Praiseville, No13 Majoro Street, Onike Yaba and the time is 5pm. Please be there as it will feature performances by Rooftop MCs, Riola from Naijasings, Soul Quest of the Malta Guinness fame (they were on the cover of the first issue of YADA), Skales amongst others. You can RSVP to the event here

As regards the December issue of YADA... it is ready and you can view it here

It will be available for download on our issuu page and soon on our website so just bear with us and please do not forget to send your feedback to, and

Once again... thank you for your support and keep reading YADA... coming next is our Feb issue... stay locked...

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  1. You're doing well Harry and it is go-getters like you that motivate me. All the best, let me go check out the mag.


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