Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bloggers I love...

I love Blogville and I can read blogs all day long but there are some bloggers that are just... Exceptional..NOTE: I said bloggers not blogs... So here they are

Tolu Akanni: He blogs about random things and they always make sense...a gift I don't have..yet...lol

Seye: My blogging mentor.... Where are you dude???

Princess X: Her posts=Hilarious

Go Hard: Totally souled out to Jesus

Dew: She rocks and she encourages me...A LOT!!

Leggy: Too funny

Blogoratti: Now that's a cool blog

Neefemi: She is wonderful and her posts her very sweet

Rita: She is there with a Word for the moment

Danielle Kimmey: My fave Celebrity blogger..she is so down to EARTH!!

Andrea Kimmey-Baca: Danielle's sister...you know them now..Out of Eden... ANDREA IS AMAZING!!!

Good Nigerian Girl: We all love her!!

Toks A Huss: He is good... Watch out for him in Feb YADA

SOLOMONSYDELLE: I so love her blog!!!

Jason Boyett: If you are familiar wiht my blog, you should know him already. I always talk about him

Danny Bagucci: No one does it better than him... He is a pioneer writer for YADA

Brown Sugar/Miss Balance: Where are you?

Myne Whitman: We all know her on blogville..we all love her on blogville...she is the sweetest blogger I know...

Muyiwa: Considering the fact that I really dont watch much TV... Muyiwa give blogville and me all the info we need about people in the limelight...

raQ: He is the graphics designer for YADA and he is a terrific writer...

Honey: Apart from being a consistent writer for YADA..we go way back..way way back...  I mean she knew me when I was in diapers...and she probably carried me... I love her!!!

Afronuts: You gotta give it up for him... I mean he is good...

Sting: Hmmn....She aite... Like her blog

The King's Son: He is my friend and he is in love with God...he is my homie...

Tosyne Bucknor: Yeah.. we all love her too

Wise Sage: She is the one with the writng gift and she is my sister

Linda Ikeji: Everybody reads Linda Ikeji's blog...she got gist for us

Jabez: Wondeful Jabez..amazing writer she is

and finally Harry, Anani and The Eden Project... LOL

Stay locked guys...One Love



  1. yeah thanks man for mentioning me here,and i will check out the other blogs too

  2. Oh wow!!! Dont make a black lady blush...thanks alot.

    And Gosh...u linked all the blog names...welldone.

    Tell me more about YADA Magazine.

  3. Thanks so much for the love, aburo mi! I am looking down the list and realizing there are some blogs I haven't been to before, so now, you have got me on a blog and conquer mission. lol!

    Thanks so much!!!

  4. No problem guys... You guys rock and Rita YADA is my online magazine... I will send u an email with the info

  5. Well done harry and I think you're a great blogger too. Creative and consistent. I have to check out your spoken word.

  6. Nice to know i'm aite, u even had to think to come up with that. lol.

    I don't think i've been here b4 and u always comment on my posts. I'll do better.

  7. oh Harry!!! u rock...thanks for the "ginger".. :)

  8. You are a real creative fellow, keep your head up...and hey thank you for the heads up.

  9. Thanks for the shout out man.. YADA was something I was delighted to have been part of.. still am... you rock!

  10. Thank you for the shoutout and do forgive my lateness. I'm thankful to be included with this fine bunch of people! :)


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