Friday, January 22, 2010

On Facebook and Azazel...

I just had to blog about this.... OK..different peeps have been saying that my friends on facebook are too much... So I decided to go a-deleting today and I realized that I knew most of the people on my facebook list and I am not kidding. It was kinda weird but it is the truth so I have decided to let it be... What can I do...

I am really happy that y'all were touched by the blog list I did it because I wanted to appreciate y'all to keep em blog posts coming but I forgot one blogger... I am sorry but you know forgetting was not intentional. He is the most controversial blogger in Nigeria (That's what I think). His name is Azazel and even though we have conflicting opinions on God, he still shows this blog some love and he is a good friend... (we go way back)

Forgive me guys for this but I gotta break the ice though... I have a new laptop..I have had it for a while and I am sorry I have not told y'all.. wasn't ready to go public (that sounds stupid).

Exams have been amazing. In a particular course,  60 As were recorded from my class. The remaining 15 students had Bs and cs... God is so awesome!!!

That's all folks and remember... Life is beautiful baby!

watch out... The album drops this year...


  1. Congrats on your exams and the laptop. And yeah, Azazel is a sweetheart.

    On FB, you really know ALL your friends?

  2. Thanks Harry and u are right we definitely go way back. I was just thinking about the same thing about my fb list. But everybody on my list is there because I wanted dem there lol.

  3. Well done,Anani. Good to know all's well wicha.Keep it that way,

    No. Make it better.

    In your own words,"Trotcha!"

  4. @Myne... apparently I know most of them from High School, Uni and my youth group, YWAP
    @Azazel... You got that ryt
    @Price Shalom... thanks

  5. lol @ the breaking of the ice. Congrats about the laptop.

    Hmmm, 60 As? Was the course so easy, or the lecturer too kind or the students too brilliant :-)
    Congrats on the exam. Thank God.

    Now tell me the truth, did you put up Azazel's name because he put ur name on his own list of bloggers he "hates" i mean "likes"? Just kidding. It is truly nice of you not to let your differnt views about God hinder your friendship. You are a great person. Take care.


Oya you sef talk ya own!!!