Saturday, January 30, 2010

Flirting... the there is the Modern Day Heroes tour and I want an iPad for my birthday!!!

First of all.. My sister is gonna be on Star FM from 8pm-9pm. Tune in oh... Her name is Meyiwa Ede A.K.A Wise Sage... so guys listen oh... I pray I am able to listen cuz Star FM doesn't get to our area... Listen and gimme feedback OH!!!!! what do you guys think about flirting... I kind of have a myopic view on the subject... did not realize that till i was talking to a friend a few days back so anyways, I need to know what people see flirting as because I just see it as trying to... here we go again.. I don't  have a definition..somebody explain to me

Apple is releasing iPad very soon (actually ending of March) and it looks AMAZING!!! I want one for my birthday come May 8th... Remember Harry Anani Itie wants an iPad for his birthday...

Anyways... Group 1 Crew and KJ 52 are going on tour together... The name of the tour is Modern day heroes Tour and it is exclusively to those in the US. (I envy y'all... wish i could go!) Check out the video...

and the commercial

Make sure all of y'all in the US attend... Group 1 Crew's music is amazing and KJ 52 is an amazing MC.

Take care peeps...


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  1. flirting me sef no know the meaning,yeah the ipad will rock,i am waiting for the launch


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