Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finally, The Washington Projects announce album release date

Hey y'all...

One of my favorite Christian groups has announced their album release date... This is an official notice from Jekob and Racheal.

WP NEW ALBUM OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED!!!! - The wait is finally over family!!! Our new album “Light Up The Dark” is set to release worldwide June 15th 2010!! It will be distributed through NREG/Universal & under the flagship of our independent label. We want to thank you all for your love, patience & support. You can check out snippets of the whole album on the home page of our official site NOW! (http://www.washingtonprojects.com). Also FYI - If you visit our store page you can pre-order your copy at a discounted rate. ($10.99)

The first video for the single “Light Up The Dark” will make it’s debut on the TBN Network very shortly, & 2 more are in the works as we type. We are currently putting together our 2010-2011 tour in support of the record. If you would like to make your church or any other local venue a stop along our way please forward the link below via email to whomever necessary to bring us out. (http://www.washingtonprojects.com/lightupthedarktour.html)

We are more than grateful for all of the amazing feedback we have received pertaining to the new album, and pray that it doesn't disappoint when ya'll hear the whole album. Thanks again & God bless

Je'kob & Rachael,
Washington Projects

I so cannot wait... can you???

Go WP?

BTW... how was valentines day?


  1. lol...they kinda look like secular artistes.
    haven't heard their music b4...hope its really inspiring.

    And harry, you have more than 3 blogs...which one is ur main one?


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