Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Women In My Life...

OK... These are the women in my life... they are pivotal in most of the decisions I make...

 This is my sister..she is also Wise-Sage the blogger and she gives me like MAJOR her

This is my sister, Tsema...amazing mother of two... Love her

I tell people every time... Out of Eden is very significant with my work with God...I love em and I still listen to em a lot

These girls; from L-R; Bunmi, Ndatse, (me) and Glory... These girls are amazing...and I mean that literally... I love them

Tobi Ibukun Jaiyeola is an amazing friend.... I love you gal

I love Raven Symone and yes...she is in my life... Still trynna figure out why

Her name is Oyinlola Oseni AKA Roseofsharaon OS...She has known me since I was in diapers and she ROCKS!!

And mama... I love her 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 much.... She is so amazing

Afronuts asked me which blog is my main blog... Well, this is it. The Talkaholic is my main blog... 

Thanks guys for reading... I have been really busy so I have not been too consistent on blogville but its all good sha... Y'all know I love y'all

Till my next post...



  1. Your mum is so pretty, and your girls rock. Nice post.

  2. Great shout-out to the women in your life..nice!

  3. The women in your life are beautiful! You are blessed.

  4. great women in ur life. ur sisters took all the beauty. ha! and one of ur so-called greats, Ndatse, refused to give me yada.

  5. you make me You know i love you too,scatta.

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  7. wots a rose without its beautiful silky petals ??
    your life is adorned wiv beauty and love. [FREE TALK]

  8. Awww. Glad to be in your life and blessed to know you.

  9. awww.....Lovely ladies, especailly your mom.

    Women love to be appreciated. Good job!


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