Friday, February 5, 2010

I wanna know... and Happy Birthday Dew!!

Hey y'all,

How is it going down? What has been happening to y'all lately? I know you guys come up here and drop your comments and stuff and I really appreciate but sincerely.. What is up with you guys? What have y'all been going through? I wanna know...

For me... I have been working on my project mainly... Also, I started a printing business in school and I am kinda Also, I am still writing my book and I am thankful to God I did not submit it in January because the story line has changed a little... Thank God for many blessings...

Today is Dew's birthday... Happy birthday gal and keep on keeping on... You know how we do now... (Drop her a line on her blog please)...

So guys.. what's up with y'all? lemme know how your week went? I am very very very interested and will most definitely give advice when I can. 

Start speaking people!

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Oya you sef talk ya own!!!