Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hmmn... I am so boring that i dont even have any random thing to say anyways... I was thinking, how cool will it be for Pastor Paul to minister at my grad service...
As I added earlier... it is juts a random musing...

I am currently playing DJ Maj's Boogiroot and I know you might say that album is old but forgive me man, the guy gives me good hip hop and I am not just speaking cause he rolls with tobyMac and all but the guy is good.

Check out Anani Speaks for a poem that was inspired by the Valentine season. Also help me check out The Eden Project for another inspiring post and there is an important information for Writers and Bloggers on the YADA Magazine blog.

Also, please follow my friend's blog. He is a newbie and he wrote first in YADA. The blog is located here.
Thanks guys for coming here today...

See you tomorrow, hopefully...



  1. do you mean pastor paul adefarasin?

  2. You could try see if writing him a note might do the trick. yeah? Thanks for coming by mine.

  3. @Muyiwa... Yes oh... pastor Paul Adefarasin
    @BlackMan Comes... I might just do that


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