Monday, February 8, 2010

My sudden love for Hip Hop

I was talking to my sister a while back and she found it hard to believe that I was into hip hop. I mean I am more of an R&B kind of guy but I guess people change. People have come out and gone Hip Hop is of the devil an all but have you listened to good Christian hip hop? Seriously? Those guys go harder than most people who know how to cast stones. Hip hop is more than music, it is kind of like poetry. It is for the intelligent as you most times have to read between the lines. it is not beans to drop sixteen bars and make complete sense... I love hip hop .. .and most especially, I love hip hop that gives God all the glory.

Here are some of the hip hop artists I am feeling and yes, they are all Christian but remember what I said earlier, i love hip hop that gives God all the glory.

This is Sho Baraka... His album Turn My Life Up is a blessing in my life... I cannot wait for the sequel...

DJ Maj is awesome... I love his mixtapes....

Everyone Knows I love Group 1 Crew... This particular album rocks!!!

Even though he is on sabbatical.. his music is VERY deep... Miss you Da' truth

I never really like Lecrae but after he dropped, I had to love him...

They never disappoint and the new album dropping this year is gonna be off da chain!! WP for life!

OK... First he is my boss... second, his music is very deep and to think he is a youth pastor...

Applejaxx song's are very upbeat (which I like) and they always have a scriptural message attached

So those are few of the guys I like and I am gonna drop my own mixtape soon too

Do you like the cover?

Anyways, keep it locked on and have an amazing week... I love you but God loves you more



  1. If I was a music person, I could have understood your love for hip hop though I know my man is so into it - Christian hip hop

    Is poetically speaking for real???? That's amazing. Please let me know once it is out...and I think the cover is fine (but maybe could do with some color, but that is my own opinion eh)

  2. I like the cover of your mixtape and I know it's gonna be great. You could use cover for the text like Rita suggests. All the best.

  3. do you mean you want to rap too or what ,but the cover is cool

  4. yes o! I'm soo glad for the various types of christian music that's available these days. Now we're not limited to only hymns like before. you can praise God any which way you love.


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