Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't put me in a BOX!!!

I feel we humans love to put ourselves in little boxes. I guess we have a twisted mindset that when we do that, we can understand them better.

I can like to disagree there...

From experience, I have come to realize that the people I put in these boxes are the hardest to read and we always end up fighting... I dunno if anyone here can relate... Truth is, I have come across lots of people this week who have kept me in various boxes and in my mind I am like why would you put me in a box? You don't know me that well... It is then worse when a family member or a close friend is the one putting you in the box... GOSH!!!

Anyways, I have been listening to the Faith+Hope+Love album from Hillsong and I wanna share the lyrics to an amazing song from the album. It is called It's Your Love and it describes the love God has for us... You should probably  check for the video on Youtube... You will love it... Here are the lyrics to the song... it was written by Mia Fieldes and it was led by Darlene Zschech.

It's Your Love
Verse 1:
Upon the hill on Calvary
He came from Heaven’s throne
Our fallenness and mercy meet
Where blood and water flow

Verse 2:
What grace divine what selflessness
That Christ would bear the weight
Our proof is scarred on hands that bled
That we were worth every nail

And all the praise and glory to God
We sing Hallelujah sing Hallelujah
For the King has carried the cross
He is risen from the grave

Verse 3:
Beyond the tomb to holy skies
He rose in victory
And bridged for us the great divide
His life is our liberty

Chorus x2

It’s Your love
It’s Your love
It’s Your love
That has saved me

It’s Your blood
It’s Your blood
It’s Your blood
That has cleaned me

Amazing song isn't it... Anyways guys... I gotta go now... I am wrapping up the Kiss & Tell novel so wish me luck guys...


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Read Psalms 103 please!!!


  1. The repetition of "Its Your Love" & "Its your blood" really got to a good heart-wrenching way.

    About placing people in a box, I don't like it too.

  2. Harry please expect my email for the YADA magazine. Great step!

  3. Congrat & goodluck o! Putting people in a box; sincerely speaking,don't we all do that once in a while to others? Nevertheless, i no like am sha! Have a great weekend ahead.

  4. ooh i could feel you about people putting u in a box,about the Yada thing,explain more


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