Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A total random post+ a nation's degree of maladity

OK... I am almost done with the Kiss and Tell novel. I am so in love with the book... Thank God for inspiration. Anyways, what's going on people? I am just chilling here... Currently in questionnaire phase of my final year project and apart from it being expensive, it is quite tasking but you know now, I will survive. I am gonna watch The Hurt Locker today though and if that movie is not as good as Avatar.... hmmn...

Currently, I am about to apply to be a fellow at the YouthActionNet Global Fellowship. Wish me luck people. Also, I am trying out this thing where I don't insult people who annoy me. I try to imagine them a someone's brother, sister, aunt, uncle, father, mother, boyfriend and the likes. It is not easy but I am getting there. I need to get my Christian on can I get an Hallelujah!!!

Tobymac and Chris Tomlin are going on tour together. I actually thought he was going on tour with Skillet but I guess Mr Tobymac is good at multi tasking. Here is the flyer for the event

HELLO TONIGHT Summer Tour 2010 Chris 
Tomlin TobyMac - dates & cities
presale begins mar. 10 at 10am EST click here to get tickets
To the nation's degree of malady, I am just wondering that, does anyone know the socio-economic political state of Nigeria? When you have an answer to that, please let me know...

Anyways, I have been asking people this question for a while now... It is just fun to ask...guess the question...

You find me attractive don't you???

LOL... Have a wonderful Wednesday people and remember no one can love you more than Jesus...

Read Psalms 100:1


PS: Did you guys hear about D'banj and Genevieve?


  1. All the best with that project and fellowship...You can do it!

  2. Evening Harry, thanks for your comment in my blog & i tried to send a mail but it is on safe mode. Read through your blog; I liked it. Saw the others but i would follow Talkholic. Nepa no let me reply on time o! Imagine, 2 gen de for ground na don KAPUT! The cost of putting dem back no worth am at all! So oga must gather before he go buy another one o! hehehehe SO ANYTIME phcn OR nepa remember us, i go browse! Goodnite.

  3. All the best with the fellowship.

    That Dbanj and Gene stunts is just for publicity I think.

  4. Good luck on your felowship and every otherthings


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