Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am loving it....

I am loving my class... even though we all are not friends... I love the atmosphere... Even now I am blogging from class and my lecturer is AMAZING!!!

Last Friday, the whole Mass Communication Department went out to just chill. We are known to be very agile workaholics, always busy and never taking a break but that Friday we had so much fun!!!

We first went to Silverbird and I saw The Lighting Thief. The ride to Silverbird was fun, we even got lots at one

After Silverbird, we went to Oniru Beach. We had mad fun there even though we spent less that an hour, thirty minutes but what the heck? We were there and we enjoyed ourselves. 

The journey back to school was long as we left Oniru at past 4 and we got back to school at 11pm. That was were we all were able to talk more, know ourselves better... My class is mostly female so there were times when they ALL went on a checking guys out parade... It was so much fun...

What I am loving in the class is that now we all have mutual respect for one another. We may not all be friends  but at least we consider everybody important. I love going to class and suppressing feelings of hate...

Feed your eyes with pictures people...

                                                   Glory and Yanju

                                                      Wunmi at the beach...

Imma add more soon...



  1. What i'm luving, is the pictures;)
    Ladies Man!

  2. LOL...It's not like that lol... I love the pictures too

  3. D pix u selected r nice... we shld do more of dz as in... more unwinding... u get??? lol

  4. Ahhhhh...makes me want to go to the beach! Fun times!

  5. Nice blog & pics :)

    Greets from Poland (another PL flag to your FC, I'm also collecting flags & would be happy if you give me a hit)

  6. I can't wait to step on Naija soil with these pics... great pictures :)

    - LDP

  7. good stuff, good times. great pics man, great quality too. nice one- makind most of e'rthing ey.
    hav JOY

  8. seems u really enjoyed yourselves,nice pics

  9. Loads of fun...i need me some moments at the beach too!

  10. I soo envy you. I want my day out in the sun,sand and sea too.

  11. Love in the air ehn? You certainly had fun! Am glad you are loving your class now.


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