Tuesday, March 23, 2010

University Drama Part 1

Hey guys... First of all I wanna say a big thank you to the comments that I got yesterday. You guys are simply the BEST!! Thank you so much for agreeing to pray for me and I can feel the morale getting stronger... YAY!!! I really appreciate it...

So school is going on as randomly as usual. It's final year so most of us are already planning for our future, what we wanna do between post grad period and NYSC (So not looking forward to that). Anyways, we are all making plans and also trying to keep our grades up... and finish our project... 

The thing is since everyone is busy and has their minds occupied.... tempers fly like crazy!!! As in, you will see people getting angry at very trivial things (Me included). Between final year project. raising money for YADA, working on the graduation magazine, finishing my book and serving on the convocation planning committee, I like to be left alone... most times and its funny how people don't just get that. I like to work. i like responsibility. I like to organize stuff, plan things no doubt but there are times when you just wanna rest and reflect on life... There are times when you just want to listen to nothing... You just want quiet... I can't seem to get that. I am sure I am not the only one that feels like this... I know most final year students feel like this cause I was talking to a friend and she could relate.

What is the solution?

Deal with it! That is what I got today as I thought about my life now and all thee drama... you know the flying temper, the roommate you don't talk to, the class mates you cannot seem to agree on a thing...  i can here it clearly.... DEAL WITH IT!!!

We are about to graduate and there is so much more that is going to occupy our minds, the egocentric boss, the co-worker who seems to hate you, bills you will have to pay... These are just few of the things that could increase your blood pressure now talk of when you start making babies... ha!!

I have decided to enjoy this remaining 100 days to graduation... After grad, I won't see most of them again and all what we call drama now will be nothing but a memory... one we will laugh about an remember for the rest of our lives... 

I choose to be happy and not complacent. Life is beautiful, baby!!!


PS: Read Nehemiah 8:10b. Also check out these COOL blogs: Chewy Bits and Da Nutcase Assylum


  1. ok, thank God u got the rhema! u realized u have to deal with it in the end. the 'distractions' just make your life a lil' spicy, cz God knows u'l hv 2 tell someone someday! the whole idea is to make hueva understand that u rilly have to rise above it cz wateva u might be facing, the world wont stand still for you. Atta boy!
    ...so how quick can u get up?

  2. *Don't forget to breathe* That's an advice i got from another blogger. So, breath in and breath out, don't let the fine moments pass you by.
    Like you said, in time, these annoying distractions become something to laugh about.

  3. Just take it easy and endure til the end

  4. That is the spirit Harry, please continue to keep your head up!

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