Sunday, March 28, 2010

On Feelings...

Feelings. They can be deceptive and they can be very selfish. They can be very amazing too. Truth is, they can be tricky and sometimes I don't even know what I feel. If there is one thing I have come to realize, it is that God is greater than our feelings. Yes. You heard me. He is greater than the feelings we feel. No matter ho much we want to get angry or how much we want to hate that guy or how much she played with your emotions... God can help you get over those feelings and give you the strength to try again. It might sound like a cliche but it is the truth. Besides, think of it, no one gets his or her feelings hurt the way God does. He gives us 100% and what do we do, we give Him 5%. If He is lucky He may get 10 from us and maybe 25% from others... But He doesn't give up. He keeps on loving us so who are we to give up on people if they hurt our feelings just once... Your pain cannot compare to the one Christ feels when He sees the people He died for crucify Him over again... Think of it and maybe when you do Loving your neighbor as Christ as loved you wouldn't be so hard.

I need us to think about this and decide what we are going to do. Are we gonna let our feelings control us or are we gonna let the Holy Spirit control us? Make your pick...


  1. "Your pain cannot compare to the one Christ feels when He sees the people He died for crucify Him over again..."

    Time and time again...yes, human feelings are deceptive.

  2. HA! GOD even said it in the bible that we are highly deceptive! Love HIM for who HE is or What HE gives? We all know the answer to that! We don't love ourselves that we see physically & daily , Talkless of loving A SPIRIT BEING?
    TSK!TSK!TSK! May HE never stop loving us, just as mothers love their children no matter what they turn out to be! AMEN!

  3. "God is greater than our feelings" is sooooo apt! I'm inspired by you for the entire week!

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  5. Great words Harry. Feelings do lie. Emotions sometimes don't tell the truth. You remind me of something that happened to me a few years back. I thought it'd be very difficult letting go, but by His grace, I think I'm over it. I still can't get to be the friend I used to be to that party but I think I have forgiven her.

    Thank God for God. He is not man... He doesn't go by feelings... He is love revealed; that's what He goes by.

    Cheers bro :)

    - LDP

  6. wow, im just seein this, beautiful!


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