Monday, March 29, 2010

Controversies surrounding thinking...

Hey guys!!!

How's the week going? Mine has been OK so far, we thank God for that. I have decided to work with a super cool attitude this week and so far it has been working really well. Also, my classmate bought me an amazing lunch... Am I not just blessed?

Anyways, to the title of this post... thinking... I wanna ask a question... Why is it that when you are staring into space and someone should ask you, what's up and you go I am thinking, they suddenly think you are thinking of something bad or you are worrying. It happens to me a lot. When I tell them that I am thinking they say things like Of what? Do you have a wife and some kids in the village? Jesus is greater than your problem? 

Anytime it happens, I usually wanna shoot someone. I could be thinking of solutions to our nations long list of problems or I could just be planning the rest of my week. Why must folks think that all people think about are negative things?

My Facebook status recently said In Thinking Mode and you should have seen the messages I got from people... They were like oh, are you OK? What's wrong? Any Issues? In my mind I am like somebody gimme a break... One person though said "That is amazing. We need more people like you in our nation" That was so nice and I felt so good. Even though I wasn't thinking of Nigeria and was planning my Easter break? It still felt good to hear her say it...

Do you have any misconceptions too as  regards the subject matter? I do sometimes...

#nowplaying- Lara George- Ko Le Baje. The song is too much!!!!

Take care and have an amazing week...



  1. I feel this post, there is a common misconception that 'people who have time to think' are up to no good

  2. YEP!You are right & i belong to the group that would ask you, hope no problem? PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME O! hehehehe
    Seriously bros, i hardly think because i would be busy calculating how many cups of garri & rice go bellyful my family today & settling squabbles among my kids that i sleep off anytime i get the chance! lol.
    KUDOS! for taking the time out to think how to solve 9ja problem, i certainly hope you don't get grey hair from the exercise!*wink-wink!*

  3. Lol @ "are you okay?"

    I guess many times when people say they are "thinking," they are usually thinking depressed thoughts. I actually don't blame Pele!

  4. I agree that thinking doesn't have to be bad but when you have to say it out? Hmm...

  5. yea. I like d title (+ content) of the blog. true. some people jus dont intentionally think. however wen they may ask u- "everything alright?" Its cos thinkin is expectedly engage to SOLVE PROBLEMS! u know. so... dey'd rather wanna give a hand to solve a prob witchu.
    (I still wanna c d rest of the pics from the Mass comm beach party bra)
    hav JOY


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