Monday, March 22, 2010

On my mind...

There is so much on my mind (I am not even sure what I wrote is correct). But seriously, I have a lot I have been thinking about but I guess one thing stands out of them all and that is... my final year project.
Project n /prɒdʒɛkt/ A research you are made to do in your final year...

That's the best definition I can give it for now because it has not been an easy something... Ask an average person (who is serious) what is on your mind and they go... Project... man it is not easy...

I need you to pray for me... my morale is down and I just want to get the project with but is that the attitude I need if i want to have an A in my project?

Pray for me...



  1. I've just said a quick prayer for you...that inspiration and that winning attitude return in full force. I can't wait to hear how well the project went!

  2. Awww comeon, you're able to crack this thing and get it out of the way. Besides, you've got a God who's inspired billions of much more complicated projects and literature. This thing's a walk in the park.
    *Praying for you*
    Been there. And i suspect even in the same institution.

  3. My prayer is that you will have the "I will make an A" attitude, and by this you will get an A.

  4. You will surely get an 'A' Ameen.

  5. I'll be praying with you Harry. You shall have the right mindset to prepare the project and may God's grace shower you with a successful end, Amen!

  6. Success in Jesus' name. You remind me of my own time.. it is well. You will make it :)

    - LDP

  7. God bless! We touch and agree with you...just allow God full entrance and guidance of this project and watch Him accomplish great things through you.


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