Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The things that trend on Twitter...

I love Twitter. I think it is the coolest social networking site right now... My friends always ask me what I love about the site and I usually have nothing to say most times... I just love the site... There is one thing I don't like though.. some of the trending topics...

Now my best trending topic is #nowplaying... Its cool...decent... I like it but there is one trending as I type and that is #sexisbest... Please what in God's name is that? Why will anyone want to tweet about that? I am not trying to form self righteous but really, I thought there was something called privacy... or was I wrong?

Another one I hate is #SinceWeNotSexin... I don't even have anything to say as regards that one... I rest my case...

Anyways, I gotta go now... Take care people and please read James 5:5-8



  1. lol at twittter,i think thats how they ve programmed it

  2. Finally someone said it...I've wondered abt this myself. There is a need for more thought-provoking trends. How will the world improve otherwise?


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