Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is It!!!!

I have never been super crazy about the King of Pop. Yes, I may like a few of his songs but I have not really been exactly his biggest fan... When he died, I was indifferent... I mean he had no impact per se in my life... This has changed...

On Sunday afternoon, I decided to watch the documentary, This is it. It would be a perfect way to relax on Sunday... The truth is immediately I started the movie, I knew that my whole perspective was gonna change and it did...
I think Micheal was an amazing person... He had a good heart and he is not your average celebrity. Yes, it was obvious his voice wasn't as good as before and that his energy level had dropped but at the same time, he was amazing. His passion for his music was out of this world, the way he interacted with his dancers and the rest of the crew... the guy is humble no doubt... 

Honestly, I wish he lived a better life here on earth... watch This is It... There is another side of Mike you need to see...


  1. so you are just knowing that he is a legend,He is very unique and generous

  2. I saw it in January. Very touching...and yes, it also made me wish he had a better life.

  3. I'm a big fan of MJ, cried when he died. I saw This is it at the cinema and my respect increased even more. He's a worthy Legend.

  4. hmmn...still havnt taken the time to watch it, but it seems like everyone was touched by it! ill watch it soonest!


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