Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tis the seasin to be jolly... Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!

Wat's popping!!! I am so excited... It's Easter...

You might find it hard to believe but Easter is one time of the year... I love to look over my life and remember what Jesus did to save my soul. I like to think about the price He paid and how I am free from death, hell and he grave. He has saved me and I have a reason to be happy and joyful...

This Easter, I plan on spending extra time with God... getting to know Him more, praying more not for material things but just talking to Him. I want to know what is on His mind, I want to know Him as a friend... I am so excited...

How are you spending your easter??? Holla back

Recommended Songs
1.Hillsong- Worthy is the Lamb
2.Hillsong- Savior
3.Hillsong- At the Cross
4. Hillsong- Savior King
5. Hillsong- This is our God
6. Hillsong- Stronger
7. Hillsong- It's Your Love
8. Natalie Grant- Because of Love
9. Out of Eden- My Faith has found a resting place
10. Women of Faith- Revelation Song


PS: Sho Baraka's Lions and Liars album was on the Top 3 on iTunes (Hip Hop category. Christian Hip hop is taking over!!!)


  1. "Praying, not for material things, just talking to Him."

    Fantastic easter aspiration

  2. Beautiful ... I hope you enjoy your easter :)

    Well mine will be focused on completing a ton of assignments and I will try and do what your doing. :)

  3. I caught this sometime ago,God used the devil as the high priest to sacrifice the lamb of God for our salvation. God in his manifold wisdom. I m spending easter like u intend... I talk my own, HAPPY EASTER :)

  4. @MissFlyHigh.... Success in your assignments and have a wonderful Easter celebration
    @Lawwyy... You sure got that right..enjoy the Easter

  5. i love Easter and what it means:)

  6. Spending time with God and family. I hope you enjoy yours.

  7. Hmmm... What I will do this easter...Still thinking.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I love recommended songs 4,5 and 6. Have you heard "came to my rescue" before? oh my! Its my favorite. Find it on youtube.

    - LDP

  8. I love your Easter plans; I should learn from you. I don't spend enough time reflecting on all God has done for me, or glorifying him.

    Happy Easter to you.

  9. Happy Easter Harry, I love you getting to know God as a personal friend. We all need a personal relationship with him

    My Easter was fabulous, went to a Nigerian church, service was awesome, jollof rice with chicken and meat, meatpie and puff puff..with coke

    I am so full. You asked us to share, my part.

    Happy happy Easter to You!


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