Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

Hey y'all!

It has been a while... what has been going on? Been very busy lately, wish I could come here often but this is the final lap so it has been work work all the way. Anyways here I am, trynna give an update... hope you like it...

So my birthday is coming soon and I have decided to create a wish list. I know I may not end up getting everything on the wish list but this seems like fun...

1. Blackberry Tour 9630... with camera
I am in love with this phone... it is so cool. check out the review of the phone here

2. iPad
An innovative way to actually read... I have to commend Apple for this. I am just hoping that it wont affect my eyes sha... Can't wait to read Time Magazine and The New York Times on this baby
3.Banana Republic Cordovan Cologne
I think I am liking Black Republic. My sister got me Black Walnut and people have been... you know now... Will definitely not mind this for my birthday
4.Fearless by Max Lucado
I consider Max Lucado my mentor/spiritual father and this book is about living life without fear. It is what I need now

5. 3:16 Stories of Hope DVD
Another one by Max Lucado, this amazing teacher of God's word teaches about the famous Bible scripture and there is a short film based on the life of Max Lucado... I most definitely want this one

6. CS Lewis- The Screwtape Letters
This book is a classic... I have to read it... Nothing more, nothing
(Picture from Wikipedia)

7. Swatch Lifestyle Watch for Him (Photosynthesis)
I need a watch and I need one badly. This meets my taste

8. The Washington Projects- Light Up The Dark Album
Although, the album doesn't drop a month after my birthday, I can consider this a late birthday gift... Don't you like the new album cover? Got it from Rapzilla! 

So this is my wish list, or at least the one I can remember. If there is more... Imma let you know...

Till then

Stay Saved!!!



  1. Ehm, can you add some that are at least affordable? LOL. These are nice though..

  2. Thief!Happy birthday in advance!Hope you get your heart's desire.

  3. Continue wishing and hope you get at least one. Happy Birthday in advance

  4. Chei this your list you get something out of it.

  5. That is quite a list. I guess you'll just have to accept my birthday wishes in lieu of a gift!

  6. Meen! I like your taste. Don't worry, after I've robbed a bank, I shall send you all items. Until then, a Happy Birthday will have to do. Sorry!

  7. i will pray for you, brova! hahaha!

    i red the screwtape letters. beautiful!

  8. chei harry this your list ehn...
    but wait oh when is the bday sef?
    my bday is next week too and i should do a list of my own..
    Happy birthday btw (that's all you can get from me for now)

  9. Happy Birthday in advance bro :)

    Great wishes for gifts... hmmm...

    - LDP

  10. Thanks guys for the birthday wishes...just reminding y'all that it is a wish

  11. u like Black Republic or Banan Republic fam??

  12. 1st time here.... nice blog.. Screwtape letters. My friend was reading it at a point. All I can say is that book is different. This your wish list na waya!


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