Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Discussions: Is the Oil Boom of 1970 the cause of Nigeria's problems?

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Anyways, the above question came up in class today and I agree that it is the cause of our problems but this chic said that it is not the cause and that without oil, our nation will be messed up like some other nations... so I have come here to ask for your opinion. I am just a young guy and what do I know? Will appreciate it deeply if you comment...

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  1. I don't think the oil boom on it's own is the cause of the problems. There is the mismanagement, corruption and laziness that followed it. I actually think the oil is part of the reason we're still going.

  2. The ethinc tribalism in leadership led to the chaos in Nigeria... in my opinion and lots of other respected opinions I know (cnt mention rite now, pardon moi). The oil accordin to Myne is what wrong and greedy leadership is milking right now.. wot we'r hanging unto

  3. Oil is what we are hanging on to. If there had been no oil boom maybe we would have focussed on developing our agricultural sector which was our pride before the oil boom.

  4. Would we really be better off without the Oil? I do wonder what would happen if by some freak occurence, it all dried up?!

  5. Oil is the major cause of our problem,thats what those thieves are depending on,even the people from Niger delta admits its the cause

  6. Oil is the problem not even the boom, if we had no oil ,we would be focused other things

  7. If anyone knows much about political science they'll tell you that oil is a major part of the problem. We actually focused on Nigeria last week in my polisci class and it made me feel terrible to know how Nigeria has been governed. We are truly that country that should be successful but did everything wrong. We have the resource curse. I don't wanna get deep into it but we probably would have been better off without oil. Another problem that the oil brought was bad leadership. All of NIgeria's leaders until Yar'Adua were generals. Most of them came to power by force. Another major problem with Nigeria has been ethnic conflicts which would still be there without oil but oil makes it even worse. This is also a long story but we really need to learn how to identify ourselves as one Nigeria. The problem is Nigerians see themselves first as other groups before they see themselves all as a united Nigeria. I could go on forever but oil is definitely a major factor in the country's problems.

  8. There is no causal link between the myriad of
    problems in Nigeria and the Oil boom. Oil is one of our many natural the problem with it is how to best make use of these natural resources we have been endowed. No doubt the oil boom of 1970s was the chief reason for the corruption in government circles... we must therefore not look at the government in isolation but we must look at the set of people manning the various ministries, departments and agencies of government.

    The question we must ask ourselves is if these people can effectively manage our resoruces..The issue I beg to differ is not the Oil boom but the leadership question. If our leaders have the required intellectual capacity to deliver, they would definitely solve the problems we face in Nigeria.


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